Caption Contest Winners

The I’m Batman Caption Contest has now concluded.

Top Five Entries:
5. “This is called the “Chicago Way”, Schumer!!” – William
4. “Wait until CNN sees me hit their logo out of the ballpark.” – TXNick
3. This season of The Walking Dead has a definite plot twist. – Mike AKA Proof
2. “Where is that Rosie O’Donnell piñata?” – Metoo

WINNER! – Trump: [to the members of his Cabinet] A man becomes preeminent, he’s expected to have enthusiasms. Enthusiasms, enthusiasms… What are mine? What draws my admiration? What is that which gives me joy? Baseball! A man stands alone at the plate. This is the time for what? For individual achievement. There he stands alone. But in the field, what? Part of a team. Teamwork… Looks, throws, catches, hustles. Part of one big team. Bats himself the live-long day, Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, and so on. If his team don’t field… what is he? You follow me? No one. Sunny day, the stands are full of fans. What does he have to say? I’m goin’ out there for myself. But… I get nowhere unless the team wins.

Spicer: Team!

[Trump beats one of the media pool with a baseball bat] – CHIEFJAYBOB


2 thoughts on “Caption Contest Winners

  1. YAY!!!! I finally won one!!

    Ah, f*ck. I just pulled the quote from “The Untouchables” and changed the names. I can’t even come up with my own. I suck at this…..


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