The Flame Of Love

In an effort to combat red-blooded Chinese males from being, well, red-blooded Chinese males, an organization has created an “Anti-pervert flamethrower.”

This is not good news for a horndog like me.

Miniature flamethrowers that can fit into a handbag, branded as “anti-pervert weapons”, are being sold online in China despite being classified as dangerous items that cannot be taken on public transport. The pen-sized gadgets are about 20cm long and can shoot flames of up to 25cm at the press of a button.

Marketed at women to fend off attackers, they are being sold as “not a weapon, yet better than one.” But despite generally positive reviews of the flamethrowers, the fact they contain butane, an inflammable gas, means they can’t be taken on trains or planes.

So I can ogle hot Asian chicks as long as I take public transportation? Meh, it’s not worth it.


7 thoughts on “The Flame Of Love

  1. Oriental men are simple. Carry a porn magazine and if one starts grabbing at you just flash a picture of a naked woman. I Guarantee they will stop dead in their tracks. An American guy will take the magazine and keep groping. Go figure.


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