Wow, That’s Mighty White Of Her

Meet Kimberlee Archie.

Kimberlee is the new “equity and inclusion manager” for Asheville, NC, and if you think that title is complete bullshit, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Asheville North Carolina hired their first equity and inclusion manager, Kimberlee Archie, to root out so-called institutional racism by giving minorities the jobs. What they are really doing is not hiring whites, especially white men, in what some call reverse racism or just racism.

African-Americans make up the city’s largest minority group and they want them to make up the same number in government – union – jobs, regardless of ability or merit. It will give blacks more supremacy and they will be loyal leftists. If there aren’t enough blacks in the jobs, they will hire them regardless of ability, talent, experience, and intelligence. It’s affirmative action on speed.

This woman, trained in social welfare, will make $80,000 a year to eliminate better-qualified whites. Funding for the equity program is $136,000 this fiscal year.

Some people have commented that this is “reverse racism.” That phrase has always annoyed me because racism is racism; there are no qualifiers for the different races affected. Many major cities -most of them leftist in nature – have promoted programs like these for years. I have no problem with a more diverse workforce, IF the candidates are qualified for the job.

Otherwise, it’s just affirmative action with a less-offensive title.

5 thoughts on “Wow, That’s Mighty White Of Her

  1. We have one of those where I work, too. My former supervisor (thank God that bitch retired) tried to force me onto one of their committees. She even put it into my annual performance review that I needed to join one. Didn’t happen because she followed up by cutting my unit 60%.


  2. Proof – Or Eminem and Vanilla Ice?

    Doc – It’s obvious the local government’s priorities are a tad askew.

    MelP – Excellent. If people spent less time in committees and more time, you know, actually working, profits would be through the roof.


  3. Calling it Reverse discrimination is discrimination in itself. That phrase always bothered me too. It is just plain discrimination.


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