Potter-y Yarn

J.K. Rowling is an acclaimed fiction writer. Sadly, Rowling’s prowess in storytelling extends far beyond the Harry Potter universe.

Author JK Rowling claimed on Twitter that President Donald Trump avoided a wheelchair-bound boy, but unedited video proves that he did shake the boy’s hand.

Trump met with a group of “victims of Obamacare” on July 24 shortly before giving a press conference about health care reform. The victims stood on the stage behind Trump as he gave his speech.

According to the “Harry Potter” author and a conveniently edited video, as Trump was taking the stage he avoided shaking the hand of a young boy in a wheelchair.

Not only did Trump not ignore the boy – whose name is Montgomery “Monty” Weer – but he also approached Monty first. On top of that, this was not Monty’s first time at the White House. First Lady Melania Trump hosted Monty and his family the previous day…

The “smoking gun” video evidence Rowling shared on July 28th was debunked almost immediately, but the stalwart leftist has yet to admit her mistake outright lie.


14 thoughts on “Potter-y Yarn

  1. That seems to be a constant problem with liberals…..they rarely have facts on their side so they just fabricate to fit their preferred scenario.


    1. Look at it this way, if for some reason, she decides to apologize, it will be one of those, “I’m really sorry, but I still believe I’m right” kind of apologies where she doesn’t mean it at all.


      1. I don’t know it it started out as a lie on her part. I’m guessing she saw an edited video, described as a snub by some Leftist twit, and her kneejerk reaction was to buy into it without hesitation. Her biggest fault was when it became evident that she’d been suckered in, she would not admit that she was wrong. Still a big lack of character (from someone best known for her characters!)


    1. It was pretty much an apology for distressing the boy & his family. She said she’d take them down & leave the apology up. No, she didn’t apologize to President Trump. She also didn’t take the original tweets down even when the child’s own Mother called her out on it, nor did she take them down when lefties called her out, even CNN contacted her about it & she wouldn’t take them down. It took PunditFact to go after her to get her to correct her error.


  2. William – Better people have said it before me, but this woman has made a career of writing the same book, over and over again. Originality? Zero.

    MelP – It was effectively a non-apology apology. The person she trashed the most – Trump – was never mentioned. She is a despicable pustule on the bottom of Britain.


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