The Curt Locker

No one would ever accuse me of being the world’s greatest parent. In fact, I’m probably the last guy in the world who should have kids, but at least I’m not these people

A Chinese couple have caused an outcry after allegedly leaving their child inside a locker at a public bathhouse.

Shocking video has emerged showing the mother pulling the crying toddler out of the wooden cabinet. It’s suggested that the couple had left their toddler in the locker because they did not want to look after the child while they bathed.

It remains unclear if the child is a boy or a girl, or how long the child had been left in the locker.

God, this is truly despicable. Everyone knows you leave your toddler in the towel bin; it’s more comfortable and the towels muffle the cries. Oh wait, I’ve said too much.

7 thoughts on “The Curt Locker

  1. Compared to the USA where we throw adults into clothes drop off bins. Oops, now Wyatt’s gonna have to arrest me. The strip search better be awesome!


  2. Different cultures call for different approaches to parenting. You won’t believe what my Scotch-Irish grandparents did to us! When we would stay overnight with them, they would make us an ice cream float about a half hour before bedtime. Yep, get us all sugared up and them wonder why we didn’t want to go to bed. Oh, the inhumanity!


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