DMX Saved My Life

Monday was in interesting day. After coming home from a long day at work (actually, it was still just eight hours), I had to do the backyard weed-whacking (cutting the weeds, not shooting them with an Italian-made .22). It was a hot day, 88 degrees to be exact, and when I was finished with the lawn, I was drenched with sweat and exhausted.

But I hadn’t walked yet, and since I’m back religiously on Atkins, I wanted to get in the workout.

Since the orthopedist says I can’t jog anymore, I have settled for walking. The first three miles were sweaty, but pretty easy. After I finished the third mile, something broke. My body seemed to lose all its energy and my legs got rubbery. Unfortunately, I was still a mile or so from home, and Mrs. Earp was taking Kevin to karate.

I had to suck it up. I pushed myself to get back walking when DMX’s “X Gon Give It To Ya” queued up on my phone. It’s one of those songs which gets my blood pumping, and has been a mainstay on my workout list since I heard it used in the Deadpool movie. I immediately felt better, clicked the repeat button on my phone, and it helped me get home without dying.

So, rapper DMX saved my life – kinda sorta – with an assist from my shuffle button. The only explanation I can think for the breakdown is I’m back on Atkins, and when I was on it last time, I had two days where I felt awful before leveling out.

The song is below the fold, but it’s not safe for work…

I’m back to feeling much better today. (I took the day off from workouts yesterday.)

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