Screw York

A new trendy hotel in New York City is generating a lot of buzz… and friction.

Grannies and other residents of a Lower East Side public-housing building say they’ve been getting an X-rated eyeful since Ian Schrager’s fancy Public hotel opened next door in June — because its guests keep having sex in view of their homes. The randy guests don’t just get down in beds with the blinds open, either — they’re doing it right up against the windows, residents said.

Schrager’s slick, 28-story, 376-room Chrystie Street inn promotes itself as “luxury for all” — although rooms start at around $225 a night — with a rooftop bar that transforms into a late-night hot spot.

“A hotel is supposed to be more than just a place to sleep — it’s supposed to make your heart beat faster,” Schrager says in an artsy promo video for the hotel. From what neighbors have witnessed, his patrons’ pulses are racing — with one telling other tenants that she saw a guy pleasuring himself in the window.

Now see, that’s just wrong. If you’re going to “rub one out,” have the common decency to do it in front of a cemetery, like I do.

7 thoughts on “Screw York

  1. You got the name wrong, Wyatt. It’s not “Schrager’s fancy Public hotel” it is the fancy Pubic hotel. Explains a lot!!


  2. Proof – I hear most of the women who check into this hotel like it “in the glass.”

    Metoo – Lousy superfluous “l.”

    Cathy – Or, in my case, seconds.


  3. Hey Wyatt… Where’d ya get the picture of Wasserman-Schlutz? Frome here movie, “Debbie Does Bangawhore?” (I may have misspelled that town.)

    Roll safe, Mate.


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