Heil Fashion!

A New York clothing manufacturer is partying like it’s 1939.

Teespring is hawking t-shirts emblazoned with swastikas in an effort to “take back” the symbol. Obviously, this news generated a lot of führer.

The US-based clothing website Teespring is selling T-shirts and sweatshirts branded with swastikas, aiming to make them a “symbol of love and peace.”

The designs, created by KA Designs and sold on the site, all display large swastikas in the front. One shows the Nazi-associated symbol in rainbow colors with the word “peace,” another one with the word “zen,” one reading “Love” and a third design, in black, shows a spiral of swastikas. They range in price from $20 to $35.

“Here at KA we explore boundaries. We push them forward,” the company wrote as a description for the products. “Let’s make the swastika a symbol of Love and Peace. Together, we can succeed.”

If this idea creates a sales blitz, the company is considering making swastika shoes next. Buyers can tie them with little Nazis.


5 thoughts on “Heil Fashion!

  1. I wonder how many ANTIFA’s we’ll see wearing these soon. Should be the height of fashion for those a$$holes. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are this company’s target market and the rest of their public statement is just complete BS.

    Now on the other hand. I happen to think it is a shame that this symbol has come to be connected so strongly with evil. The swastika or hankenkruez is very ancient and through most of history was supposed to symbolize either good fortune or eternity.


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