Nork And Nuclear Windy

Insane, inbred North Korean strongman Kim Jong-Un is threatening to launch a missile strike against Guam. The preemptive action could light the fuse to another world war.

A spokesman for North Korea’s military said it would carry out a pre-emptive operation if there were signs of US provocation. The warning comes after President Trump warned North Korea it would be met with “fire and fury” if it continued to threaten the US in a marked escalation of rhetoric.

The statement mentioned using the Hwasong-12, the intermediate range missile tested in May. North Korea said at the time the missile can carry a heavy nuclear warhead, and independent analysis seems to fit their statement. (H/TAOSHQ)

This is what happens when president (Clinton) after feckless president (Obama) enables these mutants. The fat bastard is ready to start a nuclear war because 1. he is batshit crazy, and 2. he has literally nothing to lose.

The worst part is if we eliminate this bloated prick, we’ll be dealing with similar threats from Iran soon afterward.


4 thoughts on “Nork And Nuclear Windy

  1. I say we go for it. Until clowns like this learn a very hard lesson The Very Hard Way we will still have to deal with this shat! Put a tactical nuke right into his personal residence and see what happens. I’ll bet the mad mullahs with their too tightly twisted turbans decide to stand down!


  2. William – I’m thinking brute force is the only to slap this dog-eating dog down. No matter what the president tries, though, he’ll bee berated from all sides.

    Rob – Yes it will, because this prick’s first move will be to attack South Korea.


  3. Wyatt – don’t underestimate the ROK’s. Unlike Europeans they are still some badass characters. If the NORK’s do attack, my prediction, they will do a lot of damage, but the ROK’s and us will stop them cold before they can advance 20 miles. After that point, it’s just mopping up. It will hurt, but we’ll win. Because this time the ChiComs won’t want an part of it.


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