Twentieth Century Fox

Twenty years ago today, I married the most beautiful woman in the world. A woman who has loved me unconditionally for twenty-five years, and put up with all my shenanigans, mental illness, and rampant stupidity.

Mrs. Earp is the younger sister of one of my oldest high school friends. We spent a lot of time hanging out at her parents’ house with my other idiot friends, and she would walk past, throw out a sarcastic comment and walk away. We naturally became friends talked about school, music, and the people we were currently dating.

During her college Thanksgiving break in 1992, we were both unattached and went out to eat. Just a friends thing. An hour later we were dating. We were discussing how to tell her brother, and decided to hold off for a bit. Mike finally found out after a party at our friend’s house, when he saw us kissing each other good night on his front step.

Amazingly, he didn’t smite me.

Our wedding day had its issues; the temperature was in the high 90’s, Mrs. Earp’s ride to the church got a flat, and I was seriously nervous. Thankfully, everything else went smoothly, the reception was awesome, and twenty years later, she’s still here.

We were scheduled to go out to dinner this evening, but Mrs. Earp blew out her knee Monday night. The E.R. docs think she has the same arthritis problem as I have, and is currently using crutches to get around. Fun.

Oh well, I guess it doesn’t matter where you spend you anniversary, as long as you’re together.

Below, the song for our first dance…

Great song, but at over four minutes, we quickly regretted choosing it. Our wedding party came in to a much better tune…


22 thoughts on “Twentieth Century Fox

  1. Proof – She has already be canonized.

    RG – I was walking today. She is off the crutches, and saw the orthopedic doc this afternoon. She damaged her lateral knee ligament. They’re trying physical therapy first, then going from there.

    Cathy – Thank you!

    Mike47 – Congrats. Yeah, twenty-five total years, with much more good times than bad.

    William – I have never, in my life, taken a good picture. That said, I really like the way she looks here. It’s from 1994.

    INPiker – Especially sarcastic cops with chronic injuries and depression. She puts up with more than she needs to.

    TXNick – Well, with kids, there’s less of that now. πŸ™‚

    Jack – 1994. What can I say? It’s much shorter now, and entirely too much gray.

    Jim – Thanks, we knee-ded that.

    Rob – Oh, believe me, I know.

    Toothy – None taken, and thank you.


  2. MelP – Thank you. We just got back from dinner, and the missus is drinking wine with the neighbor. (A thank you for her taking Mrs. Earp to the hospital the other night.)


  3. Sorry I am late on this but it is great to see in spite of everything that Mrs. Earp still puts up with you! Truly Congrats, I have never met ya but i’m extremely happy life is treating you well. The minor hiccups are just that and the fact she is still with you is the bonus. Very nice indeed.


  4. Metoo – Thanks. She’s moving around much more easily now, so I made her mow the lawn. Kidding, kidding!

    Ed – Thank you. Yeah, she puts up with a lot, but it’s okay, since she’s only after the vast Earp fortune… of $1.99.


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