The Atlanta Knaves

The proprietor of an Atlanta gym has turned the heads of the business world after introducing a policy which will insure the financial security of his company for years to come.

Jim Chambers, the owner of EAV Barbell club, put a sign on the door of his gym that explicitly asked police officers not to work out there.

“Do whatever the f— you want, correctly, except crossfit cultism. No f—–g cops.”

Chambers has removed the sign from the door, but only because he regrets using profanities. He still says police officers are not welcome in his gym, nor are active military members. He said that many of the people who frequent the gym are minorities, who are uncomfortable around police officers and military members.

The no cop policy is ignorant, but I’m used to policies like these. What really grinds my gears is the discrimination against service personnel. That, my friends, is a dick move.

The Atlanta Police Department told WXIA that the policy would not prevent them from responding to an emergency at the gym. In turn, Chambers said he would allow the police to search his premises if they obtained a warrant.

Of course it wouldn’t, because most police officers are responsible professionals. The officers might not exactly run red lights while responding to that robbery/burglary/theft, though…


12 thoughts on “The Atlanta Knaves

  1. I’m with ya Wyatt, could care less you don’t like cops….unless it’s like a liquor store or really good food…and regarding responding to a call at your business….besides strictly following all traffic laws as you said….i’m getting old and sometimes have brain farts and can’t remember streets..


  2. Yah, this one pissed me off. Who would want to go to a gym that specifically bans cops and military? You just know that it would be the other subset of the population there… no thank you.


  3. Makes me crazy when these entitled idiots fail to realize that they are banning the very people who will defend and rescue them time and time again. My hope is that the place goes broke in the near future.


  4. This clown and his dump won’t last long. How many precious snow flakes does he think work out there? The kind of people who are/will become police or military are also the kind who hit the gym. And last I heard minorities were about 40% of the US Military. What a fracking jerk! : (


  5. INPiker – Personally, I would still respond, but also giggle afterward if the place was burglarized.

    Jenn – Yeah, I would suggest his members never take their eyes off their wallets and keys.

    Cathy – I saw the gym’s Google reviews. Plummeted to an average of 1.6. Bawahahahaha!

    Metoo – Exactly. Especially in this climate, why would you ban service members?

    William – Maybe he’s only banning white service members?


    1. Reject, as in too dumb, too ugly & too cross bred to even play banjo boy’s retarded little brother. (hope I don’t trigger anyone with that word),


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