Hack And Black

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, your prayers have been answered. The two greatest politicians in American history will be teaming up to help Democratic candidates during the midterm elections.

Former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are working on plans to campaign for Democrats in 2018, and Democrats worry they plan to change the direction of the Party. Aides to Obama told The Hill’s Amie Parnes he is looking to resurface on the national campaign stage. Parnes also reported Clinton is trying to sort out what role she might play in the midterms.

Although the pair bring a lot of fundraising firepower to a very crowded field of needy Democratic candidates, party insiders worry about who would control the party if either past candidate became too influential.

Thank. You. Jesus! Pairing Obama and Hillary together is a godsend. A feckless, pantywaist former president, and a mentally ill, compulsive liar whining about President Trump is a surefire way to ensure the GOP keeps both the Senate and the House.


8 thoughts on “Hack And Black

  1. Granny Cankles laying the groundwork for her 2020 bid for President. She needn’t worry, the DNC will spike anyone else’s attempt to win the nomination.


    1. Hey, I just noticed when you put Granny & Cankles together, you get Grankles. That’s what Imma gonna call the old battle axe from now on!!!


  2. Yet further proof that the fracking lefties just don’t get it. “Hey kids! I’ve got a great idea! Let’s pick the 2 losers who cost every election since 2008 to lead us to VICTORY in 2018!!

    Go for it you morons!! : )


  3. Proof – It’s actually sad their candidate pool is so shallow they need to trot out these has-beens.

    TXNick – So Trump can win reelection in a landslide? Excellent!

    William – Supermajorities in both houses has a nice ring to it.


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