Blazing Chattels

A Florida couple – where else – is recovering from injuries received after their vehicle exploded. The husband and wife are planning to sue the car manufacturer for negligence and… oh.

The man and his wife had a gas barbecue grill in the back of their Kia Sorento, according to Lt. Cindy Lane, of the Orlando Police Department.

The grill was turned on and the propane tank attached to the grill was open and connected. Police said the wife went to light a cigarette and the SUV exploded.

Take a moment to digest this. These morons were driving down the highway… with a propane grill in the back seat… which was turned on!

The vehicle continued westbound and crashed into a pole. The driver and the passenger, who weren’t identified, were transported to an area hospital with burns. Their injuries are non-life-threatening, Lane said.

Instead of broiling that steak over an open flame in the back of the car, maybe pull into a Five Guys drive-thru instead? While there is a chance someone will spit in your food, but your changes of explosions or smoke inhalation greatly diminish. Jackasses.


10 thoughts on “Blazing Chattels

  1. How did they not smell that much propane? Years ago I was driving back from a camping trip and got a heavy whiff of propane. I pulled over and opened the trunk and found that the head of my lantern loosened from the bottle and propane was leaking in the trunk. I removed the bottle, aired out the trunk and went on my merry way. They must have been really drunk to not notice that odor………….

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