This Will Not Sit Well

The NFL preseason has officially begun, and it didn’t take long for the malcontents to start their shit again. This time, it was Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch, who decided to sit for the National Anthem during his first game. Believe it or not, a fellow player spoke out about the move.

Former Blackhawks star and current NBC studio hockey analyst Jeremy Roenick was first to draw attention to what Harrison had to say in the aftermath of Marshawn’s antics.

“The first tweet from Roenick to his 380,000-plus followers was a screen grab of a story from that featured the headline: Steelers’ James Harrison — ‘Anyone On My Team Sits For Anthem, They Better Be In A Wheelchair‘, according to the tweet which shared a story on the comment Harrison said.

Roenick added in his praise for the statement, “Now this is a man I want on my team! Too bad we have to sit around and watch disrespectful athletes sit on cooler!! Disgraceful!” followed by two thumbs-down emojis.

Bravo James! I still plan on boycotting the NFL this season, but it’s nice to see a few players standing up for what’s right.

12 thoughts on “This Will Not Sit Well

  1. I wish some of these owners and coaches had a backbone and would just fire their disrespectful butts if they don’t stand during the anthem. Or perhaps withhold their pay for every game they choose to make about them and their disrespect rather than about the team, the league and the country. They will keep losing fans if they don’t shape up and stand up for what is right.


      1. My two youngest sons are HUGE Dallas Cowboys fans – sacrilege in Philadelphia – and I endorse their choice. The Cowboys fought to place stickers on their helmets for the murdered Dallas police officers last year.

        Natch, the NFL denied their request.


  2. Cathy – I am becoming less and less patient with sports personalities and celebrities. Jeffery Dean Morgan – Negan from The Walking Dead – went on an expletive-laden rant on Twitter today about Trump. So I am now officially done with TWD.

    Proof – Excellent! See if it will collide with the NFL’s home offices.

    Metoo – Agreed. Everyone needs to be a Kaepernick.


  3. I would dearly love to see Harrison put Lynch in a wheelchair when the Steelers play Oakland, but I quit watching my formerly beloved Steelers a few years back. The only football that I watch now is a few college games. My favorite time is when I check scores on line and if ‘Bama, Ohio St, or pretty much any team from Florida are getting beat I’ll turn those games on for a pick me up. Oh yeah, Notre Dame, too. I hate those bastards………………………..


  4. Tam – I despise Notre Dame almost as much as I despise Ohio State. (Sorry.) I am – or was – a Michigan fan until they started their anthem protest. Now the only college team I follow is U of Arizona.


    1. Didn’t understand the (sorry) comment. I despise all those teams and love to watch them lose. I started disliking Michigan when they hired Rodriguez………………………………………….


      1. Oh, sorry. I posted it after work and was apparently sleepy. Rodriguez was/is a clown, and because god hates me, he went right to Arizona after Michigan. 😦


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