Trump Recommits To Afghanistan

As I mentioned in the previous post, I’m on vacation, so unlike other years, I’m cutting back on posting. I’ll probably put up two posts a day instead of the usual three, at least until Friday. Sorry, but I am burned out on writing, and I am expecting to do literally nothing for a week.

In the meantime, I see the country is still going to shit.

President Donald Trump opened the door to an increase in U.S. troops in Afghanistan as part of a retooled strategy for the region, overcoming his own doubts about fighting on in America’s longest military conflict.

Trump, in a prime-time televised address at a military base near Washington, said his new approach was aimed at preventing Afghanistan from becoming a safe haven for Islamist militants bent on attacking the United States.

“My original instinct was to pull out,” he said, but added he was convinced by his national security advisers to strengthen the U.S. ability to prevent the Taliban from ousting the U.S.-backed government in Kabul.

Meh, this sounds like is has McMasters’ fingerprints all over it, and I don’t trust that clown as far as I can throw him. Look, there is a reason that shithole is nicknamed the “graveyard of empires,” and after sixteen years we’re still stalled. I don’t blame the troops; I blame the leadership.

Personally, I think pulling out would have been a better idea. When Afghanistan needs to be put back into line, we bomb them forward to the Stone Age.

I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong, but I think doubling down on this fifth-world country is a mistake.

9 thoughts on “Trump Recommits To Afghanistan

  1. Hmm, I’m not so sure Wyatt. While it could end up being a worthless endeavor, I still think there is some hope there. But, like you, my problem is with leadership. I hope Trump just says: “Forget rules of engagement! Forget hearts and minds! Find the f&*king Taliban and f^&king kill them till there are no more f#$king Taliban!”


  2. First off, Holy Shit those guys in the picture have bayonets on their rifles. What the f*#% are they expecting? A horde of Yangs. I say nuke the country from orbit. It is the only way to be sure.

    On a policy note, I am glad to see Trump call out Pakistan. Those assholes have been about one step from being as anti-American as the Taliban since 2001. And Trump has already changed the rules of engagement from the Obama debacle. He thought they were as ridiculous as the rest of us. And just in case anybody didn’t remember, the Obama rules were basically, you can’t fire until your buddy standing next to you gets shot.


  3. Ingineer – Pakistan has been a pain in our groin for a very long time. They could use a nice high-speed flyover to fix their wagon.

    Loki – Correct. It’s a photo from Marines in Iraq.

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    1. OK that makes sense. My son spent some time in Helmand Province so I used to pay pretty close attention to what was going on there and hadn’t read or heard much about hand to hand fighting.


    1. Thanks Mike. His second tour in Iraq he almost bought it when his humvee ran over an IED. He got wounded in his first tour in Afghanistan, so I sure hope things go better this tour.


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