Nips Are Appreciated

A Paris nightclub is coming under fire from someone other than Islamists for running a promotion where women can receive free shots – of booze – for showing their breasts.

Wanderlust in the French capital was outed by a self-proclaimed feminist called Anne who spotted a poster behind the bar titled, ‘T*ts = shot’, accompanied by instant camera photographs of women pulling up their shirts to bare their boobs.

She shared the snap on social media which prompted dozens of critics to slam the bar for what they dubbed a sexist stunt.

Possibly, but one woman’s sexist stunt is another man’s million dollar idea. In this case, one which is sure to fill his coffers and keep out the ugly, unshaven feminist harpies.

4 thoughts on “Nips Are Appreciated

  1. And the women who no longer get free shots? What about their feelings? All they get is to be pissed off at the hairy feminists. I guess that is better than being pissed on by a hairy biatch.


  2. Cathy – Personally, I believe hating hairy liberal women protects the environment.

    William – Lena Dunham hardest hit.

    TXNick – And strangely enough, guys will gladly ogle any woman’s breasts… when they’re drunk.


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