Pray For Texas

Hurricane Harvey battered southern Texas this weekend leaving several dead, and hundreds evacuated.

Initially a Category 4 hurricane, it is the strongest to hit the United States since Wilma in 2005 where 64 people died and £24billion worth of damage was caused.

Among the worst hit places were the cities of Corpus Christi and Rockport, where one person died and rescuers were expecting to find more bodies. But as the intensity of the winds petered out, officials have warned that the coming days will see intense rainfall that could see large swathes of Texas submerged.

The National Hurricane Center has said that “catastrophic flooding” over the next few days is expected — after nine inches of rain was deposited last night alone.

And in a bizarre and terrifying warning, authorities told of the threat of alligators roaming residential areas. The killer reptiles are being lifted and moved by rushing flood waters from their natural habitats and being dumped on streets.

As if the flooding wasn’t enough. To my Texas readers, good luck, and please be safe.

4 thoughts on “Pray For Texas

  1. My eldest nephew was a city engineer in League City (SE side of Houston) until he and his family moved back to Ohio last year. He is REAL happy he won’t have to deal with that mess down there! : )
    Gonna be cleaning up for YEARS!


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