The Cutting Edge

While the mainstream media is wasting everyone’s time complainang about Melania Trump’s choice of shoes, the president is dividing his time between Texas and taxes.

The White House said that the address is not expected to delve into policy details, including specific tax rates. Instead, Trump is expected to make the case for why he believes changes to the tax code are needed to give people a better chance of achieving the American Dream.

“The president is going to lay out his vision to bring back Main Street by reducing the crushing tax burden on our companies and our workers and also to restore our competitive advantage by repairing and reforming our badly broken tax code,” a senior White House official told reporters Tuesday.

Administration officials said that Trump will talk about how middle-class tax cuts will result in American workers seeing bigger paychecks and how he plans to “un-rig” the economy and eliminate benefits for special interests.

Considering all the obstruction the president is encountering from Democrats and Republicans alike, it’s reassuring to see him continuing on course and working to reduce everyone’s tax burden.

6 thoughts on “The Cutting Edge

  1. So much good will come from lower taxes and simplifying the tax code. Particularly for feisty, sarcastic and smart a$$ gals like me!


  2. I’m pessimistic that anything trump proposes will die in Congress. It is our worst branch of government and least responsive to the will of the people. I sincerely wish they would, for once, prove me wrong.


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