Draggle Rock

A Kent, Washington thug realized the hard way that a life of crime is a real drag.

The incident occurred about 7 PM on Friday, August 25. Video shows the suspect punching the driver repeatedly, and the driver then manages to close the vehicle’s door, and drove off.

The video shows the suspect being dragged along a busy street, with his pants falling to his ankles. The car stopped at least once in the video, but the would-be carjacker wouldn’t give up; he tried again to get the driver out.

The driver then took off again, dragging the suspect alongside the car. Police said that the suspect, who was not identified, had tried to steal other vehicles on that day, including one before this incident, where he punched the driver, who kicked him with their feet, and the suspect fled.

Kent police officers responded, and the suspect was tased “multiple times” after refusing to follow their commands. (H/T – Jim F.)

I guess the next car he tries to steal better have a ramp. The video can be viewed at the link, and I would highly recommend it. Don’t forget your popcorn.

10 thoughts on “Draggle Rock

  1. A shame the driver didn’t complete the process necessary to make this clown eligible for the weekly “Darwin Award”!


  2. I’m guessing he’s a democrat because regardless of what was happening, he did “Persist”. He did provide cheap entertainment for all the innocent bystanders.


  3. Cathy – He’ll certainly need more than a few frozen peas now.

    Metoo – Maybe he was a relative of Elizabeth Warren? Or at least part of her tribe.


  4. Anybody, besides me, wonder what drugs were in this miscreant’s bloodstream? He was definitely performing in a superhuman fashion–PCP? Ketamine? Meth? All of the above?? Would love to see his drug screen!!


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