California Reamin’

A California man was none too pleased when a UPS delivery driver left his package in the most inopportune of places.

A man in California says he was trapped in his own fifth-floor apartment this weekend after a delivery driver left a package in the worst possible place.

Jessie Lawrence claimed via Twitter on Sunday that a UPS worker left a tall rectangular box just under the handle of his Bay Area flat’s front door. It blocked the handle from turning and he “had to call maintenance to get out,” he tweeted.

Dude. One has to have the intelligence of bread mold to wedge a package under the door handle. Either that, or the customer acted like a douche the last time a package was delivered.

Ironically, the package contained a gross of door stoppers.

7 thoughts on “California Reamin’

  1. Am I missing something? Does the door handle not also lift up? The handles at my house do, but I don’t live in a 5th floor apartment with a steel door.

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