Driven To Tears

A new survey coming out of the U.K. suggest smarter people fail their driver’s test the first time they take it. Naturally, I passed mine with flying colors on the first try… because I’m an idiot.

A new study out of the United Kingdom had some surprising results. It found smarter people are more likely to fail their driving test the first time. DriveXpert, a British insurance company, conducted a survey of 1,564 British people with a full UK driver’s license.

It found 59% of people with no qualifications passed their driving test the first time. In the US, that’s the equivalent of holding no high school degree.

However, only 51% of drivers with A-levels passed on their first attempt – that’s roughly the equivalent of being an AP-level student. If you hold an undergraduate degree, it falls even further to 48%.

I guess this is why there are so many braid-dead morons on the road, and why I have fired shots at many of them. When the light turns green, step on the f**king gas pedal!!!

5 thoughts on “Driven To Tears

  1. Question: Your car stalls on a railroad track. There’s a train 2 km away, traveling 30kpm: How long until it strikes your car?
    Smart guy: Well if your figure ‘speed = distance/time’, calculating the engineer’s reaction time plus the braking time…
    Dumb guy: Who cares? I’m outta there!


  2. 59% with no qualifications have a very good chance of winning the Darwin award. I like to look at the positive side. It keeps me from going postal on #@%^&&&*@ drivers.


  3. Proof – I did that in high school and college. Always should have stayed with my first instinct.

    Cathy – Good point. The same people always “driver better” when they’re drunk. Or so they say.


  4. In my experience a lot of educated people tend to overthink things. Result = they suck at doing simple tasks. Can’t hammer a nail, etc.. (By the way. I have a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees.) : )


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