Rectum? I Hardly Know Him!

An Asian man is recovering from emergency surgery after a cylindrical object somehow made its way into his bunghole. Seriously, how is China a superpower?

A man from southern China had to be rushed to a hospital after having a tumbler glass stuck in his rear, according to reports.

The container, measuring seven centimetre (2.8 inches) in diameter, had been trapped inside the body of the 33-year-old patient, known by an alias Xiao Zhang, for two days.

Doctor performed an abdominal operation on Xiao Zhang in order to remove the glassware, which had broken while being lodged inside the man’s rectum.

The good news is the man will never have to force out a poop. The bad news is it will come out whenever it’s ready; even if the man is not.

10 thoughts on “Rectum? I Hardly Know Him!

  1. In my years in medicine, I’ve seen many unforgettable things–one was a pint Hellman’s mayonnaise jar in a gentleman’s rectum…another, was a Brylcream bottle in an undergraduate’s rectum–seems he had an exceptionally hot date, concluding with the coed sticking her digit up his brown rosette as he climaxed–this sensation was so enthralling that he took to pleasuring himself on return to his dorm room, and as he was reaching orgasmic bliss, searched for a suitable object, and his hand fell upon a Brylcream bottle, and he placed it where the sun don’t shine–unfortunately, a little rectal spasm put the object beyond his reach, and a trip to the ER, and the OR was necessitated…provided amusement for the surgical staff for weeks…wonder how he explained the incident to his parents???


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