Crash Bridges

A Japanese man was looking for the perfect location to propose to his girlfriend when he found it at the scenic Irabu Bridge. Well, at least he got one thing right that day.

The 32-year-old unnamed man was in his girlfriend’s car when he asked her to pull over in the middle of Irabu Bridge, which links the Miyako and Irabu islands in Japan.

He told her he wanted to take in the view from the structure, however then dropped to one knee and pulled out a ring.

The man is said to have been so overjoyed when she said yes – he jokingly climbed onto the bridge railings and spread his arms to celebrate. However seconds later he lost his balance, and fell 100 feet from the bridge into the water below. Rescuers found the drowned man’s body seven hours later.

Oh Darwin, you so crazy.

11 thoughts on “Crash Bridges

  1. Mike – As a commenter at the link opined, “At least she stayed with him for life.”

    Metoo – Does she keep the ring, or toss it back for being too small?

    TXNick – The North Korean judge gave him a 5.6.


  2. Reminds me of an old Benny Hill routine. Benny played the daughter. A southern mother & her daughter were walking over a bridge & Momma was telling the daughter that this was the spot where the daughter’s daddy proposed to her. When she said yes, he was so happy, he ran over & jumped off the bridge to his death. First the daughter was happy, then realized what was just said. “Momma, do you realize that makes me a” “Yes,” Momma interrupted, “and you’re a mean one, too”.


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