VP Pence Leaves NFL Game After Protest

Vice President Mike Pence, the former governor of Indiana, walked out of yesterday’s Colts-49ers game after fifteen San Francisco players took a knee during the National Anthem.

Vice President Mike Pence walked out on his home-state Indianapolis Colts Sunday when members of the opposing team kneeled for the national anthem, but a report that Colin Kaepernick, the player who started it all, will stand if given another shot in the NFL was quickly dialed back.

“I left today’s Colts game because @POTUS and I will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our Flag, or our National Anthem,” Pence tweeted.

Several San Francisco 49ers players kneeled for the anthem on Sunday in Indianapolis. While a quarterback for the 49ers last year, Colin Kaepernick sat or kneeled during the national anthem last season to bring more attention to the killings of black men by police officers. The protests have grown this season.

Say what you will about Vice President Pence, but he is an honorable man who loves his country.

10 thoughts on “VP Pence Leaves NFL Game After Protest

  1. Jerry Jones has told the Cowgirls that if any of them take a knee or otherwise disrespect the flag, they will sit out the game. I’d take that a step further: they’d also forfeit the paycheck for the game. Their salary for the game would be donated to a wounded veteran, or a Gold Star Family.

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    1. As far as I’m concerned, he only did that because of all the blow back he got when he went out with the players, linked arms with them, then knelt with them before the anthem played. In my opinion, he was trying to split hairs & make both sides happy.

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  2. The NFL has stated that the ‘rule’ about standing for the national anthem is a guideline not a rule. Page A62-A63 of the NFL “RULEBOOK” clearly states that any player who does not stand respectfully for the national anthem is subject to a fine and/or suspension. Doesn’t sound like a “guideline” to me.

    These NFL clowns are nothing but a bunch of overpaid, spoiled hypocrites. But, now their wallets are taking a hit and their trying to have it both ways. Sorry punks! Too little, too late! Hope you enjoy the unemployment line!


  3. TXNick – Agreed. Good on Jerry, but for me, it’s too little, too late. Make this statement during Week 1 and he would have been a rock star.

    William – I haven’t watched one play this season, and the only news I get from it is by seeing Drudge, et all. The league can die for all I care.

    Metoo – Except for the pieces of garbage who play for the 49ers.

    Cathy – Believe me, I know! (Wait, was that out loud?)


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