He Has Plenty Of Time To Kneel Now

My oldest son Kyle has never expressed much interest in atending college. He’s going through the motions, taking his PSATs, etc., but he would be perfectly fine going to a trade school.

If Kyle does decide to go to college, I will gladly send him to Albright.

A football player at Division III Albright College in Reading has been dismissed from the team after taking a knee during the National Anthem on Saturday.

One player, 19-year-old Gyree Durante, went down on one knee during the National Anthem. According to school officials, the freshman quarterback didn’t tell anyone his plan to kneel.

In a statement, the school says Durante was dismissed for his decision to not support team unity.

This may be the best story I have read all year. Great job, Albright! And Gyree, if that is your real name, feel free to kneel during your shift at the local McDonald’s. Douche.

Speaking of douches, cheerleaders from a Georgia college took a knee during a game. Cheerleaders? No one goes to a football game for the cheerleaders, you stupid bints. Just stand, jump up and down, and shut your dicktraps.

5 thoughts on “He Has Plenty Of Time To Kneel Now

  1. The cheerleading captain is probably dating the quarterback and thought this would impress him. This has gotten ridiculous. Go cheer for some college in Mexico if you are so mistreated here. Idiots!


  2. Kari – Well, they do have lacrosse there! 🙂

    Metoo – I hear Juarez University has some killer programs!

    Cathy – Can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs. Wait, was that out loud?

    Jonolan – My god, that would be glorious!


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