Remember The Man, Not The Politics

This is U.S. Army Sergeant La David Johnson. Johnson is a Green Beret who was one of four service members killed in Niger by members of the Islamic State. Johnson was only 25 years old.

Surely you have heard the uproar over the president’s call to Johnson’s widow, and the allegedly “insensitive” remarks he said to her. I am not going to dignify the stories which claim this information – second and third-hard – from Johnson’s grieving mother and the truly despicable Representative Frederica Wilson (Dipshit – FL). I will only dignify that twat by reminding everyone she is a vehement supporter of the angelic god-child Trayvon Martin, and an avid opponent of police officers.

America should be celebrating the lives and sacrifices of Sergeant Johnson and his comrades, while at the same time mourning their deaths. Instead, we have to endure the politicization of am event which should transcend politics. Sadly, that is no longer the case; at least not in 2017 America…

I walked into the police academy 23 years ago Tuesday. In that span, my department has suffered 23 line of duty deaths – seven of them occurred between May 2006 – November 2008. I have seen first hand the politicization of line of duty deaths. In one instance, every supervisor and no-name politician crowded the church for a LODD funeral, while the officers and supervisors who worked with the deceased were forced to stand outside – in the rain – and watch their brother’s services on a big screen.

In another case, the widow of a deceased refused to have a “state funeral.” The deceased was not a religious man, and the widow wanted a funeral for family and friends. The mayor at the time threatened the widow, claiming the funeral expenses would not be paid by the city if she did not play ball.

My point here is this: politicizing military deaths – or any death – is a despicable exercise; especially so soon after the incident. Representative Wilson may have won some points with her leftist buddies, but at what cost? More suffering for Sergeant Johnson’s family?

As far as the comments from the president are concerned, the point the media is harping upon – the “he knew what he was getting into” is a nothing-burger. I would never compare myself to a service-member, but I knew what I was getting into when I signed on. Police work can be a violent job, and I realize there may be a night when I don’t come home. I’m okay with that, because keeping criminals off the street is worth the risk.

And if that day ever comes, I have instructed Mrs. Earp to tell the bosses, the politicians, and the mayor to fuck off. She will not be browbeaten into a Kabuki theater funeral.


5 thoughts on “Remember The Man, Not The Politics

  1. You are a wise man when it comes to speaking on these matters, Wyatt. And, thank you for your service each and every day. I have two very good friends whose husbands are in law enforcement and I cannot imagine the worry your wife and their wives go through each shift you are working. Stay safe and thanks for putting the emphasis back where it needs to be.


  2. Metoo – Nah, I’m just a simple guy who occasionally inserts a few words of wisdom in-between babe pics. The politicization of literally everything in this country has got to stop. People are not pawns to be used by our “betters.”

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  3. Sergeant La David Johnson looks like a proud American. Children don’t always agree with their parents politics and I am proof of that. His Mother can spew all the hate she wants but something tells me he lived a life she will never understand. It sucks to lose a loved one. Politics and hate won’t bring them back or stop the pain.


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