This handsome devil is Christopher Wilson of Clifton Heights, Ohio. Like most red-blooded American males, he appreciates the company of a good woman. When that good woman turns him down, Wilson allegedly gets all Harvey Weinsteiny.

A Clifton Heights man was arraigned Monday for an alleged assault back in May. Christopher Wilson is charged with assault and sexual imposition.

Wilson punched and kicked a woman and tried to get her down on the ground on Wheeler Street on May 29. He’s then accused of groping the woman.

The woman was able to identify Wilson in a lineup. He has a 2-line forehead tattoo that reads in part, “I’m a pornstar”. (H/TAOSHQ)

He’s a pornstar? Damn, I realize the golden age of pr0n is long gone, but this assclown couldn’t get laid in a monkey whorehouse with a handful of bananas.


5 thoughts on “WILSON!

  1. INPiker – Your go-to is awesome!

    Cathy – Hey, that soap is slippery, ya know!

    Toothy – He absolutely screams Florida. Maybe he was born there?

    Metoo – Sue him for what, his shopping cart full of aluminum cans?


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