A Tucson man took some unconventional measures to rid his mobile home – shock – of spiders this week, and the results had him really fired up.

A blowtorch used to burn spider webs could be the cause of a fire at a mobile home in Tucson, Arizona, officials say. Fire crews sent to the scene on Sunday stopped the fire from spreading.

The cause of the fire is being investigated. But firefighters say they suspect a propane torch was used to burn spiders from under the trailer.

Most of you know I have spent some – absolutely fabulous – time in Arizona, and if there’s one thing I’ve noticed, it’s no one worries about spiders. Mostly because they’re freakin’ everywhere! Plus, I am also assuming this clown was born and raised in Flori-duh.

10 thoughts on “Arachnophobia

  1. Never been to Arizona but I was stationed in Ft. Bliss, TX (El Paso)for a year. Fracking black widows every fracking where! : (


  2. I did a job in southern Oklahoma a couple-three decades ago. The startup trailer had a terrarium where we kept a tarantula. No matter what we tossed into it, mice, large rats, cockroaches, etc. the tarantula would immediately raise its front legs and grab it. This went on for several weeks.

    Then one of our braver (crazier?) guys caught a black widow. We tossed it into the terrarium and the tarantula raised it’s forelegs… and the black widow jumped up between them and nailed the tarantula between it’s eyes. Dead as a doornail in milliseconds.

    (Just some of the fun things we do in the startup world.)


  3. Kari – They were probably Daddy Long Legs. not tarantulas.

    Cathy – And probably California.

    Ingineer – It does leave you think it’s from the dullard end of the country.

    William – Yeah, I’d take tarantulas over widows anytime.

    TXNick – Jesus. Those things are brutal.

    Toothy – They’re the politicians of the insect world.


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