Sunday Services

This week’s services focus upon Game of Thrones star Kit Harington.

Christopher Catesby “Kit” Harington (born 26 December 1986) is an English actor. Born in Acton, Greater London, Harington studied acting at drama school, while starring in the National Theatre’s adaptation of War Horse. His film debut was in Silent Hill: Revelation (2012). He has since appeared in films such as the romantic historical film Pompeii (2014), the computer-animated fantasy film How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014) and the British drama film Testament of Youth (2014).

Since 2011, Harington has risen to prominence playing the role of Jon Snow in the HBO television series Game of Thrones, which garnered him a nomination for the 2016 Primetime Emmy Award. In 2017, Harington became one of the highest-paid actors on television and earned £2 million per episode of Game of Thrones.

To be brutally honest, I have never watched Game of Thrones, mostly because I refuse to pay for HBO. I have heard good things.. like many of the actresses get stark naked. Nakedness is good; well, it is for some people.

There are more photos below the fold…

Someone should tell Kit he can get tetanus from lying on tires all day.

What good is armor which only covers parts of your body? Someone get me central casting; I spot a design flaw!

The services have ended. You may now retreat to your bunks in peace.

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