Time Heels All Wounds

Meet Irene Sewell of Tennessee.

Irene is a retired professional ballroom dancer – that’s apparently a thing – who wanted to achieve fame and/or fortune. She did so by running a marathon in high heels.

Irene Sewell shared photos of herself following the Guinness World Record-breaking performance as she managed to complete the 26.2-mile race in the high-heeled shoes.

“Well world, I DID IT. I’m still in shock, but it really happened,” she wrote this week. “I ran a marathon today in high heels and set a Guinness World Record with two minutes to spare!”

Sewell brought six pairs of the 3-inch stilettos ranging from size seven and a half to nine along with blister band-aids, in-soles and calf sleeves. To top the previous record Sewell was required to complete the race in under seven and a half hours equaling a 17-minute mile pace.

So Irene ran a 26.2-mile race in high heels without ever falling backward and breaking a toe? Wow, someone nominate her for president! #ImWithHer

5 thoughts on “Time Heels All Wounds

  1. That sounded like an accident just waiting to happen. Glad she set the record and didn’t break or damage anything other than the high heels.


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