The Cake Is A Lie

A woman was arrested after entering a western Pennsylvania Walmart after being ordered to stay away. What could possibly possess someone to defy a lawful order at the rick of imprisonment? Cake!

A woman is charged with defiant trespass after entering a South Union Township, Fayette County Walmart store despite being given a no-trespassing order.

Stephanie Datsko, 34, faces a court hearing next month on the charge.

State police reported Datsko is quoted as saying she violated the no-trespassing order on October 4 because “the cake Walmart sells is too good to stay away.”

Walmart? Really? I’m not discounting Datsko’s claim, but I never heard someone rave about Walmart cake. Although I would absolutely risk a trip to federal pound-you-in-the-ass prison for a cake from Philadelphia’s renowned Stock’s Bakery.

9 thoughts on “The Cake Is A Lie

  1. How stoned do you have to be to crave a WalMart cake? A pound cake ain’t gonna do it. Now a deadly chocolate cake? Layered? Fudge frosting? No telling what could happen.


  2. Proof – Didn’t even notice that. 🙂 Their pound cake is awesome, but the vanilla icing? Ho. Lee. Crap!

    Cathy – I won’t harsh on Walmart’s cakes because I have never tried one. And, to be honest, I like shopping at Walmart, and the people-watching is an education.

    Ronni – Well that’s it, you’re spoiled! 🙂

    TXNick – I’ve had Sam’s Club cake and it’s good… as are their cookies.


  3. That woman needs to eat some real food. Like the dark chocolate cheesecake topped with chocolate mousse I made for dinner tonight. I’d violate a whole lotta laws for a piece of that amazingness.


  4. I agree with you about Stocks pound cake. I like the chocolate icing. As I’ve said before, it’s great to read and follow you because of the local connection.When I get a cake there now I will think of them as the pound you in the ass prison cake. How about the parking on Lehigh Ave?


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