Sunday Services

Today is the second anniversary of Sunday Services, the 103rd entry since 2015. Tradition dictates I repost the subject of my first ever Services, a woman who has it all: stunning beauty, a fantastic body (yes, even for a waif), and that sexy British accent. I am describing none other than the incomparable Keira Knightley.

The problem with posting about Keira – and it’s a good problem to have – is there are tons of fabulous photos to add, and only so much space on the blog.

There are more photos below the fold…

Yes, I know Keira is not everyone’s type, and some say she’s too skinny, but she is absolutely perfect in my eyes. I mean, she may have faults, but I am sure I can easily overlook them.

The woman is a certifiable pirate princess, so she can always rocks the boots.

Apparently Keira can also rock the “Come get me” outfit, as well.

The services have ended. Now get out, so I can be alone with Keira!

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