Peace Be With You

Nine days into The Jury Trial Which Will Not Die, I am completely and utterly sick of court. After the events of this past weekend, I am completely and utterly sick of humanity. So, I needed to post something which will make me feel better.

My kids’ elementary school holds mass the first Friday of every month. During the celebration, the teachers give out an award called Peacemaker of the Month. It’s given to one child from each classroom based upon that particular month’s featured trait.

This week, my eighth grader Erik received the award for the trait of Fairness. I guess he let the girls in his class stare lovingly at some other boy last month.

Any hoo, Mrs. Earp was able to attend the festivities – since someone was stuck in court with the dregs of humanity – and the post-mass snacks. Erik has won Peacemaker a few times in his elementary school career, and it’s nice to see him win it before going off to high school.

13 thoughts on “Peace Be With You

  1. Congrats, Erik! I cannot believe he is in 8th grade. why, I remember when………….. Hope your trial ends soon and you can get back to schooling (Harassing) the newbies in the squad room.


  2. Congratulations!
    They hold mass one day a month? Until I learned how to hide from the nuns it was mass Monday thru Friday. Did not win an award for that.


  3. Great job, Erik! Off topic: Are you going to scream at the sky, Wyatt, or at least crack some skulls? – Philadelphia, Penn.: Dilworth Park, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM


  4. Cathy – They have them for holy days and other days, but the Peacemaker mass is held – wait for it – religiously. 🙂

    Toothy – I may bring popcorn!


      1. I’m getting paid OT for it, but I’m too tired and annoyed to spend it. I’ve been spending mornings at court and nights at work. On Monday I was in court from 9-3, then at work from 3-11. Fun.

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