Maybe We Can Adopt New Politicians?

The mainstream media is abuzz today, throwing out their worthless opinions on why Republicans lost the New Jersey and Virginia governor seats. While they would have us believe the losses were due to the evil Donald Trump and his policies, the fact of the matter is the GOP has done nothing to inspire confidence. To wit:

The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act proposed by House Republicans last week will, if passed, kill several tax credits for specific activities, the adoption credit among them, which has been available to families who may not have otherwise been able to afford adoption for the past 20 years. Adoption advocates among Republicans and Democrats blanched at the prospect of killing the adoption credit, but Rep. Kevin Brady, the adoptive father of two who spearheaded the creation of this bill, says he believes that doing away with the adoption credit in favor of the Family Credit and increased tax credits will actually help middle to lower income families better afford not only adoption, but also the long-term costs of raising children

“I’m convinced that if we give tax relief to families every year — they can use their paychecks for what matters most to them — including adopting children,” Brady wrote. “We are working to give families not only help when they’re adopting but every year when that child is growing up, by making sure they have more in their paychecks to raise kids.”

The GOP won’t defund Planned Parenthood, but they’ll remove the adoption credit?

Let’s review what the GOP Establishment has done for us since winning all three branches of government. The passed on Obamacare (after promising time and again to repeal it). There is still no border wall, and no meaningful push to enforce immigration laws. Now the tax cut plan, the GOP’s last hope to pass something – anything – this year, is looking more and more like a watered-down bill which will do more harm than good.

Yes, NJ and VA are solid blue states, and yes, Democrats were looking to hand Trump a defeat, but this is why the GOP is losing elections. They are losing because they have no fight, no plan, and no balls.

4 thoughts on “Maybe We Can Adopt New Politicians?

  1. Amen Wyatt. I hope and pray that my fellow conservatives out there throw out every damned one of the RINO’s up for election next year. I truly believe that it is the only hope for real change short of violence.

    But a lot of this is on us. People we have been electing the same corrupt morons from the same two corrupt political parties for generations now. Congress is like “The Night of The Living Dead”; it seems like we are going to have to bury these clowns with stakes through their hearts in order to finally be rid of them. And we expect things to change?! Folks, how does that work?! For the sake of the Republic and our children throw all the bums out! : (


  2. William – I have a strict voting policy now. In local elections, I vote against every incumbent judge. Every. One. If Senator Pat Toomey gets a primary, I am voting against him. He voted against repealing Obamacare, and has been a virtually do-nothing senator. I literally have one good, solid conservative politician who serves me: PA State Rep Martina White. She makes Ted Cruz look like Bernie Sanders.

    Ronni – With a few exceptions, you are absolutely correct. We get full control of D.C. and the GOP is doing more to hold back Trump than the Democrats are. It’s infuriating.


  3. Republican’ts are worse than Demoncrats. They stand for nothing. At least the Demoncrats pretty much let you know from the get go that they hate you and want to cheat you out of whatever you have. Republican’ts lie to you and make promises they never keep. Add to that the fact that Republican’ts are the biggest pussies the world has ever seen and you have the perfect combination of a worthless piece of garbage you could ever find. Ronn150 called it 100% correct above.

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