Smuggler’s Blues

Meet Emerson Isaac Hernandez-Turcios.

Emerson is a hard-working man who lives driving the open road. He would have signed up for Uber or Lyft, but those companies frown upon smuggling.

A man arrested in Pearl River County was transporting eight undocumented immigrants, including three hidden in the cargo area of a compact SUV.

Emerson Isaac Hernandez-Turcios, 26, also was driving impaired while transporting eight people who were found to be in the U.S. without permission, a Homeland Security Investigations agent from Gulfport said.

The deputy reported Turcios had a glass pipe with residue in it and marijuana residue was on the floorboard between the driver’s seat and his door. The deputy arrested him on a DUI charge. (H/T – Loki)

Illegal, high, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

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