Is There Moore To The Story?

Everybody who is anybody has already offered an opinion of the sexual harassment allegations thrown at Alabama’s Judge Roy Moore, so I figured I needed to address the situation as well.

President Donald Trump took a step toward politically disowning Alabama’s Republican U.S. Senate candidate on Friday, saying he’s confident that Judge Roy Moore ‘will’ quit the race if shocking sexual allegations against him are accurate.

I don’t agree that statement can be classified as a “disowning.” It is more of an expectation Moore will do the right thing for himself, for the party, and for the country..

The Washington Post quoted four women on Thursday who said Moore made sexual overtures to them and touched them when they were 18 years old or younger. One accuser was 14 at the time, in 1979.

I question the timing. The nation’s foremost leftist rag just happens to unearth these women and their allegations a month before the election? And they all want to come forward after almost four decades? I guess it’s possible, but is it likely?

‘Like most Americans the president believes we cannot allow a mere allegation, in this case one from many years ago, to destroy a person’s life,’ Sarah Sanders told reporters aboard Air Force One as it descended toward Da Nang, Vietnam.

‘However,’ she continued, ‘the president also believes that if these allegations are true, Judge Moore will do the right thing and step aside.’

Okay, here’s my take on this story (and it’s similar to some pundits who have already opined). First of all, if the allegations are true, Moore should immediately step aside. The accusations are disgusting, and – again, IF true – disqualifying.

That said, the only people who absolutely know what happened are Moore and his accusers. Not the press, not the voters, and certainly not the GOP establishment.

Second, the usual establishment clowns – Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Jeff Flake, and John Cornyn are demanding Moore bow out of the race “if the allegations are true.” Worse still, Mitt Romney said this yesterday: “Innocent until proven guilty is for criminal convictions, not elections.” Apparently Mitt slept through the Due Process section of the Constitution.

Okay, but how are we going to prove the allegations are true? Unless there is hard evidence like audio or video, the charges are impossible to prove one way or the other. Certainly not before the December election.

I honestly don’t know what happened here – especially since I was ten years old when the first alleged incident occurred. What I do know is the Washington Post will do literally anything to derail a conservative, some people will do anything to earn their fifteen minutes of fame, and most politicians are cheats and liars.

No one wins at the end of this story, but I believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty and due process is essential if we are to be a nation of laws.

11 thoughts on “Is There Moore To The Story?

  1. Like you, and a lot of others, I question the timing. I find it unusual that it has been four decades since these accusers that have been silent are now coming forward with accusations. And that one of them, if not all, are Hillary! supporters.

    And FWIT, didn’t Hillary’s husband get impeached, but not removed, from office over charges of sexual impropriety? Funny how he isn’t vilified now. Oh, yeah… I forgot, he’s a democrat. And if it weren’t for that pesky Constitution, he could run again… and be elected by the brain-dead (and actual dead).


  2. TXNick – How many Democrats called for Bob Menendez, who was accused of dabbling in underage prostitutes, to step down? Zero. The left is nothing if not consistent in their hypocrisy.


  3. IMHO it’s a hit job. His main accuser I understand, has a history of accusing men of sexual misconduct…several pastors from several different churches…if the reports are true! That suggests a pattern and not a pattern of honesty.
    I suppose it could have happened. After all, Hillary sexually molested me when I was 13. She forced my hand under her pantsuit and made me touch her grannie panties. Fortunately, I’ve repressed most of that memory!


  4. I’m beginning to get a little tired of these allegations of sexual misconduct. Ever since the Harvey Weinstien story broke (Which I was happy to hear about. About time the hypocrites in that sewer called Hollywood had to face the music.) But then, that whole #metoo deal started. It seemed like every woman who had a media outlet willing to give her 15 minutes of fame was there saying “Oh Look, I’m a victim too!”

    Not that I don’t think many of those women were victims; I’m sure some were. I’m also sure that some were simply whores.

    I’m also somewhat skeptical about a left wing rag like that bringing up allegations that in NO WAY can be proven against a conservative candidate that the left has been dogging for months. Hmmm? Kinda makes you wonder doesn’t it?


  5. Pure Alinsky…can’t unring this bell..cannot prove or disprove it…Moore should come out and say, “Personally, I do not believe that my opponent is a pedophile, and I have no evidence that he has ever molested young children…if there is any evidence to this fact, I have not seen it…pedophilia is a sickness that even my opponent cannot condone…” There, let the Dems stew on that one…

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    William – Absolutely. I’m not giving Moore a pass here. If he’s guilty, he should step down, retire, and stay out of the public eye. That said, your other points are spot-on. Why now, a month before the election?

    Doc – Brilliant! And you’re correct, the damage is done, and some people will believe the charges, and some won’t. This will only stop if the GOP starts using their tactics.


  7. Hollywood and the dems have long ignored the molestation taking place in their communities. Look at Woody Allen marrying his adopted daughter. Wonder what age she was when he starting putting his moves on her! I, too, question the timing. Although I do know a couple people who waited years to say anything but that was because it involved family members who were no longer accessible.


  8. Ronni – Mark Levin had a great point Friday. What are we to do? You rarely prove innocence without hard evidence and the statute of limitations on these alleged crimes has long been expired.

    Not only that, but this week the Congress put forth a mandate that every member of congress needs to have sexual harassment training.

    So these assclowns demanding Roy Moore step down have been playing touchy-feely all this time? Not hypocritical at all.

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