Fall On Your Knees

A Baptist church in Edgewater, Florida, has apologized for a sign on their property which was unintentionally sexual in nature.

A church in Edgewater, Florida, is begging for forgiveness after posting a message that some people interpreted as being sexual in nature.

Last week, the Bella Vista Baptist Church posted a message on an outdoor sign that read, “Forgiveness is swallowing when you want to spit.”

Although the message could be considered an oral sex innuendo, church officials insist they meant nothing vulgar.

I believe them. Most uber-religious people have no concept of sexual innuendo because they’re actually pure of heart. So, when people with dead, black hearts like myself giggle at the sign, they truly have no idea why. That said, this story is truly Florida-esque.

2 thoughts on “Fall On Your Knees

  1. I was raised in a conservative Baptist church that would have no idea that sign has a double meaning. Sex was viewed like cleaning the bathroom….”someone has to do it.” (that is an actual quote)


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