Making Basketball Great Again

The three college basketball players who were detained in China after being accused of shoplifting from a Louis Vuitton store have been released, thanks in large part to the efforts of President Trump.

Three UCLA basketball players accused of shoplifting in China last week returned to Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The three were arrested last week while their team was in the city of Hangzhou ahead of the squad’s season opener in Shanghai. They were questioned on suspicion of stealing sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store near their hotel.

Two things. First, why is there is a Louis Vuitton store in communist China? Second, what kind of mental defective shoplifts in a country where they sentence you to death for spitting on the sidewalk?

LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill were allowed to leave after the situation was “resolved to the satisfaction of the Chinese authorities,” said Larry Scott, commissioner of the Pacific-12 athletic conference, of which UCLA is a member.

“We are grateful for the role that our Chinese hosts played, and for the courtesy and professionalism of the local authorities,” Scott said. “We also want to acknowledge UCLA’s significant efforts on behalf of their student-athletes.

“Finally, we want to thank the President, the White House and the US State Department for their efforts towards resolution.”

Personally, I think Mr. Scott should have thanked the president first, but whatever. The fact the president – a man most NBA players believe is an unapologetic racist – went out of his way to free these three men should speak volumes about Trump’s character. Sadly, he will receive little to no credit for the act, and these three clowns – as well as most NBA players – will be attacking Trump again on social media in a matter of days.

6 thoughts on “Making Basketball Great Again

  1. UCLA should take away their scholarships and boot their butts out of school. But, then UCLA would be labeled “racist” so we all know that won’t happen.


  2. I’m sure there are already a ton of women ready to line up and be sexually molested by this group of MENSA members. I’m with RONN150, they should kick their ass out of school or at least take away their scholarships. Too bad they weren’t in North Korea.


  3. Since UCLA can’t disenfranchise these entitled brats after all this publicity, they should be put on a zero tolerance policy and if they so much as fart crosswise, these a$$holes are gone…

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  4. Ronni – Last I heard, the school was planning “discipline.” Personally, they should sit out a year – losing a year of eligibility.

    Cathy – They epitomize the phrase “the ugly Americans.”

    RG – North Korea wouldn’t have released them, but these clowns will never realize how lucky they are.

    TXNick – If Trump would stop tweeting, these kids would have never resorted to stealing.

    Doc – Agreed. You so much as swipe a single grape from the supermarket, pack your bags.


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