Beverly Hills Flop

In my dozen years of blogging, I have never given the impression my department hired the best and brightest. I mean, they not only hired, but promoted me. That said, whatever failings my department has, our officers usually have good communication skills.

It appears that crime is so low in Detroit that police are left trying to arrest each other. On the East side of Detroit, the 12th Precinct sent in a team of special ops officers to pretend to be drug dealers. At the same time, the 11th Precinct sent in officers pretending to a drug buyers. The rest will long be the subject of law enforcement legend.

Sources say that both undercover teams pulled their guns in attempting to arrest the other and ordered the other team to drop to the ground. That is when the rest of the special ops team from the 12th Precinct showed up, and officers began raiding a house in the 19300 block of Andover. (H/T – Al Baxter)

Clusterf**k. Instead of investigating the officers – stupidity is not against the law – how about we investigate the brilliant supervisors who thought up this master plan?

7 thoughts on “Beverly Hills Flop

  1. Cathy – And it’s still sliding downward.

    Proof – Mrs. Earp said I looked like Alec Baldwin when I was younger, but that guy is a bigger douche than I am.

    Sully – Possibly.


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