SMOD Visits Finland

What is it about Russia and Scandinavia that attracts the Sweet Meteor of Death? My guess is the radioactivity and the KGB wiretaps.

This is a video captured by Youtuber Aurora Borealis (LIVE!) while live-streaming the Northern Lights of a meteor that briefly turns the night sky as bright as day:

“Huge meteor burn up. I was sat about 10 metres to the left of the camera and felt a huge shockwave. It shook the cottage. My immediate thoughts were Earthquake, but then realised, we don’t get earthquakes in Lapland. It must have been a huge tree falling on the roof? Nope, all the trees are still vertical.

It was when I rewind the camera I see what actually happened. This happened so fast, without warning and with such violent power.”

So it must have been like having sex with me, amirite?

The video is below the fold. It’s pretty impressive.

Personally, I’m running in circles and screaming if I see this, but that’s just me.

6 thoughts on “SMOD Visits Finland

  1. You know these things happen a lot more than people realize. The USAF has spy satellites designed for monitoring nuclear activity. Word is they pick up 10 to 20 bolides like that EVERY DAY! It just that the great majority occur over the ocean, wilderness areas, or during daylight hours and are not seen by people.

    Duck Wyatt!! : )


  2. Proof – Absolutely correct! It’s why i Finnish so quickly when with a Scandinavian babe!

    William – Maybe one can hit my neighbor’s house… during one of their drunken parties?


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