A Campus Two-Ply For

A college in New York City is demanding NYPD officers use an out-of-the-way, out of order restroom while on the campus. I’ll bet this garbage institution is a big hit with Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the Clintons.

A New York City college is encouraging police officers to use one specific campus bathroom that is allegedly in sore need of repair. And a student at Brooklyn College, part of the public City University of New York system, is even drafting a petition to ban police officers from the campus, which is in the neighborhoods of Midwood and Flatbush.

Normally when I read threats like these, I take the high road and reply, “Well, because we’re professionals, we’ll still respond to any emergency on campus.” Now? Not so much. Ban the NYPD, and when you assholes are in the middle of an active shooter situation, call the Public Safety Office.

Donald Wenz, the school’s public safety director, told student newspaper The Excelsior that the college wants police officers to use the bathroom in the campus’s West End Building ‘rather than walking across either quad to use the bathroom’.

This jerkoff said it is “preferable” for police officers to use the inoperable bathroom so they don’t walk across campus. Lovely. Someone should tell Donny terrorists and mass shooters seek out “soft targets.”

13 thoughts on “A Campus Two-Ply For

    1. Yet another bunch of idiots heard from. “We need to find another way to help them.” Lord, give me a break! These morons ever heard of expulsion!


  1. If I were a member of the NYPD I’d tell them: “No need to ban us from campus. We’ll stay away voluntarily.” Then post an ‘anonymous’ Facebook message letting all rapists, burglars, muggers and pyscho shooters know that it was open season at Brooklyn College. : )

    Lord, these SJW’s make me want to heave. : (


  2. I used to live by myself and the closest neighbor was a block away. That neighbor was the police chief of the town I lived in. All day and all night a police car would go by my house every couple hours to drive by the police chiefs house. If there was an unknown car at my house they checked it out. This was a HUGE selling point when I sold the house. I bet Donny wanted to be a policeman and was turned down by the NYPD.


  3. Wait until all the thugs figure out that this particular “soft target” is that way by choice. I suspect the police won’t be able to get there fast enough.


  4. I suppose I’d make it a point to use the restroom closest to either the student center or the president’s office. I’d tell everyone to have a nice day and smile.

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  5. Toothy – The school police are incompetent and the administration keeps a lid on the violence. I almost feel sorry for the teachers, but most vote Democrat.

    William – Pure insanity. And yes, I’m sure some cops won’t be running lights to answer their 911 calls.

    Cathy – Absolutely. The wannabes are usually the most rude to us, but still ask for professional courtesy.

    Ronni – It’s Brooklyn. Police radio is always going off. An incident at BC would not always be a priority.

    Proof – Won’t be long.

    RG – I would only do that if I had explosive diarrhea.


  6. Maybe the cops should just use the bushes like the homeless people do on the college campus in my town. See if the that triggers anything from these jerks. I agree with the others just completely stay away from the campus for everything and let the chips fall where they may.


    1. The even odder thing to me is many New Yorkers don’t really notice police. My youngest daughter has lived in Brooklyn for almost 6 years and the first time I visited, I asked if the cops were thick like in the touristy parts of Manhattan and she said she never sees police in BK. Well I saw a lot
      of them while I was there, so my perception and hers are quite different. Her friends had similar stories.


  7. What idiocy from snowflakes who have no idea how to protect themselves! The student drafting the petition should be named—any future prospective employer should be able to Google his name and become aware of his anti-establishment views…


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