A Different Kind Of Chastity Belt

When searching for the winner of the “Why The F**k Did You Do That” contest, this guy’s story is a lock!

The 31-year-old, who hasn’t been named, inserted the small lock into his urethra and pushed it further down his penis for sexual pleasure. But the padlock travelled into his bladder and it became stuck there.

He was taken to hospital in Fuzhou city in east China and shocking X-rays showed the padlock jammed into his organ. Doctors reportedly had to cut a hole into the man’s bladder to release the lock.

Why would you ever shove something into your dickhole, and why would you ever think it would be pleasurable? Do me a favor, brah; next time you want to shove something in there, make sure it is wet cement. Jackass.

You know, every time a story comes about items getting stuck inside people’s pink parts, the victim is usually from China. What, is that country the Florida of Asia?

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