Paging Dr. Schadenfreude

Employees at ESPN, the social justice warrior network masquerading as a sports channel, are bracing for even more layoffs come this holiday season; proving Christmas can come any day of the year!

In the next few weeks, the Worldwide Leader is expected to undergo another round of massive layoffs — Sporting News cites 40-60 layoffs coming, with Sports Illustrated reporting the number will exceed 100 — and the next wave of who’s-next worry has many scanning their options.

According to a Monday Sporting News report, which cited a source at a rival network, some ESPN staffers already are sending out “just-in-case” résumés to competitors such as FS1, NBCSN and Turner Sports.

“SportsCenter” will be particularly hard hit, its relevance fading in the Internet age, and the report said more than back-end and front-facing talent on the show will be in trouble. With less “SportsCenter” comes less management over “SportsCenter,” so suits, too, are in danger.

ESPN long ago went the way of MTV; it broadcasts far too many talking head shows, and far too little sports events. They stopped carrying NHL games and NASCAR races, and now their bread and butter is baseball – which I hate – and the NBA – which I hate even more. The final straw was their decision to embrace their heavy leftist slant, but thanks to NBC SportsNet and Fox Sports, I can see the sports I like elsewhere.

Much like the demise of the NFL and the end of Hollywood, the Trump era is smiting all conservatism’s enemies; one douche at a time.

I apologize for the posts about E(SJW)PN, but their demise sends a thrill up my leg, especially if Jemele Hill and Michael Smith – the two racist pieces of garbage above, are among those receiving pink slips.

5 thoughts on “Paging Dr. Schadenfreude

  1. Can’t wait until the entire network goes bust, and from what I understand that ain’t gonna be very long. Maybe 2 years 3 tops. At least that’s the word from the Wall Street types.


  2. This whole story made my day. I don’t know a damn thing about ESPN as far as names, etc., because I don’t watch and don’t even have cable/satellite TV, but I know enough about it to know E(SJW)PN is more liberal than MSNBC, so it gives me a warm fuzzy to know the place is going into a crash dive. Hopefully they have no ballast left to bring them back to the surface and they all just drown in their sorrows. Boo freakin’ hoo.


  3. Cathy – Hill is much worse than Smith, but both would be awesome.

    Ronni – Exactly. No ones fault but their own.

    William – Let’s hope. No one wants politics mixed with their sports.

    RG – The only millionaire I want talking politics to me is the president.


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