Mister Livingston, I Presume?

This handsome devil is George C. Livingston, of Palm Beach, Florida. (Why is it always Florida?) While George may seem like a paranoid psychopath, he is actually a Knight of the Round Table, smiting his perceived enemies with a goddamned sword.

George C. Livingston, 51, was arrested after a man was found dead and covered in blood next to a three-foot sword near railroad tracks on Saturday, according to the Sun Sentinel.

Law enforcement reportedly responded to a call in which someone reported “a subject covered in blood was lying next to the railroad tracks.”

The victim, identified by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office as David Beckett, 58, had “visible injuries consistent with a violent attack,” a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office said. Livingston and Beckett reportedly both lived at a nearby homeless camp.

So this piece of garbage has no home, no money, and no job, but he was able to procure a three-food sword? Can we please just saw off Florida and let it drift out to sea?

20 thoughts on “Mister Livingston, I Presume?

  1. Not all of us in the sunshine state are as goofy as those in the southeast area. From Palm Beach county south to Miami-Dade, which includes all those places occupied by the flotsam and scum that navigate south on I-95 from NY to MD to set up shop and exclaim, “that’s not how we did it up north.”. That’s the part of the state that should be excised out into the Atlantic ocean.


  2. I want one of those cool tattoos on my forehead so the women will go wild over me as I’m sure they do this fine specimen. NOT!


  3. It just dawned on me after my first comment that the tattoo is just an indicator for the police to inject lead, copper, or both, at that precise spot.


  4. Proof – Any way you slice it, you’re in for a long day.

    Al – I went to the July NASCAR race at Daytona on 2001. The track was amazing, but the rest of the town? White trash heaven.

    Cathy – The mullet. He’s bringing it back.

    RG – Facial tattoos are a godsend for police officers. They make lineups and photo arrays a breeze.


  5. Nice exchange in the comments. Maybe I am a bigger nerd than I want to admit, but is that a Klingon Empire symbol tattooed on his forehead. Maybe the sword was a Bat’leth and yes I had to google that to get the name.

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