Tall, Dark, And Harry

Sew up your pink parts, ladies; England’s Prince Harry is now officially off the market.

Meghan Markle revealed tonight how she said ‘yes’ immediately to Prince Harry after he proposed on one knee while they were cooking a roast dinner during a ‘cosy night’ in.

In their first joint interview this evening, Miss Markle, 36, said she did not even wait for the 33-year-old royal to finish the sentence before she said ‘yes’ – and it was ‘so sweet and natural and very romantic’.

The couple, who had been in Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace when the proposal happened, revealed that they first met on a blind date after being set up by a female friend – and have tried to see each other every two weeks.

Harry added: ‘I fell in love with Meghan so incredibly quickly… All the stars were aligned – everything was just perfect. It was this beautiful woman just sort of literally tripped and fell into my life – I fell into her life.’

Don’t get me wrong; Meghan is definitely sploosh-worthy, but she’s no Kate Middleton. Kate is the woman you fight wars for, while Meghan is the woman you reserve king-sized beds for.

5 thoughts on “Tall, Dark, And Harry

  1. That last paragraph describes the difference between “the heir” and the spare perfectly. Although since William has married and has children, Harry is now 5th in line to the throne.


  2. Cathy – It’s why I love Kate Middleton so much. You can tell she genuinely loves William, and does not come off as some Hollywood gold-digger.

    Ronni – So he doesn’t care whether she is of royal stock. Harry just wants to pick a winner. (Of course, he could probably have any woman, and he should have gone with Kate Beckinsale or Keira Knightley, but I digress.)

    Proof – I guess you could have showed her your rump roast.


  3. I’m not a big fan of “living together,” but it is amazing how far down the articles about this couple you have to go to find out that: 1) she’s divorced, 2) she’s half black!! Queen probably thrombosed a few hemorrhoids with that info!! Suspect this will be a smaller wedding and much less publicity…


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