O Holy Crap

During this joyous holiday season, it’s time to forget our worries and celebrate the real meaning of Christmas: the birth of Hillary Clinton.

Women To Look Up To, a U.K.-based brand “that shines a light on modern female role models,” is offering this year a Hillary Clinton Christmas tree topper complete with angel wings.

This is an election Hillary Clinton actually won; the offering comprised figures of Serena Williams and Beyoncé, with a third to be decided by popular vote. Clinton came out on top, and now she can top your Christmas tree instead of an angel.

The only problem with the Hillary angel is it reeks of scotch and is always stumbing off the tree.

11 thoughts on “O Holy Crap

  1. Lightening will strike if you put that on top of your Christmas tree. Put it out on the stree and see which neighbor runs over it the most.


  2. These should come with a warning regarding fire hazard. I think HilLIARy caught fire when Bill stuffed his pine tree up her a$$. Same thing would happen with the ornament.


  3. Cathy – I would run over it, back up, and run over it again and again.

    Ronni – Well, her daughter was probably an immaculate birth.

    TXNick – Sadly, no. This is absolutely real.

    Mike47 – Worse still, I bet it sells very well.

    Mike – It’s the gift which keeps on giving!

    MelP – Can’t it be both?

    RG – I’m certain the material is toxic; you don’t want to look at it, let alone eat it.

    Toothy – Exactly.


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