Another Russian Plot?

A tractor trailer overturned on Interstate 95 near Philadelphia Thursday, spilling the most valuable cargo on the face of the Earth.

An overturned tractor-trailer carrying bottles of vodka caused the closure of a busy ramp on the border of Northeast Philadelphia and Bucks County early Thursday morning.

It happened around 4:45 a.m. on the ramp from Woodhaven Road eastbound to I-95 southbound.

Police say the big rig spilled its load of Tito’s vodka boxes. Some boxes fell out of the truck and onto the roadway.

It annoys me that I only heard about this story today. The accident was maybe two miles from my house, and I could have been out there soaking up the vodka with rags like Max Rockatansky.

5 thoughts on “Another Russian Plot?

  1. I divorced vodka about 5 years ago so I don’t feel too bad.
    I’m a crappy liar. Would almost kill for vodka on the rocks.


  2. Two miles from your house?! You could have gathered some for evidence. I had a truck carrying Dreyers ice cream (Edy’s on east coast) overturn on one of my construction projects once. Sadly we had to watch it melt waiting on the insurance people instead of grabbing all we could.


  3. Ronni – My god, I would get into uniform and “direct traffic” away from the sweet, sweet rum.

    Cathy – If you do have to kill for that, claim you’re an immigrant. You’ll be acquitted.

    Ingineer – Such a waste of creamy goodness.


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