Beauty Is Only Scalpel Deep

Meet Berry Ng.

The 22-year old Hong Kong woman has undergone thirty plastic surgery operations in an effort to please her abusive, douchebag boyfriend.

Berry NG claims that her plastic surgery addiction began when she saw a beauty center offering affordable student packages that cost HKD 799 (102 USD) for three injections. However, over the course of a few hours, the beautician persuaded her to go for a more expensive package costing HKD 17,000 (2175 USD).

Berry was so pleased with the results that she began to seek more treatments and soon found herself addicted to cosmetic surgery. However, things got even worse when she was 20 years old and entered into a romantic relationship with a man nine years her senior.

Her partner was verbally abusive and continuously insulted her looks, comparing her unfavorably to other women. Berry responded by going on a plastic surgery spree over a six month period, during which time she underwent the majority of her 30 cosmetic procedures.

“If he had ever said ‘you are beautiful’ even for once at the time, I would have stopped,” Berry told China Press. (H/TAOSHQ)

The verbal abuse is a terrible thing, but in my opinion, the plastic surgery is worse. Ng looks beautiful now, but she was extremely pretty beforehand. All of this could have been avoided if the douche canoe told her she was a pretty girl.

5 thoughts on “Beauty Is Only Scalpel Deep

  1. Just more proof that we need to be happy with ourselves and who we are and not let others determine our worth. I don’t think people realize the power their words or lack thereof have on people.


      1. Hey! My mama didn’t raise no dummies! Having said that, I am reminded of the old saying: While it may be true that beauty is only skin deep, ugly goes clear to the bone!


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