Snow Devils

You may have noticed I have been scarce around these parts lately. While that is assuredly a good thing, I am back to regular posting and commenting after an absurdly busy weekend.

On Friday, we took the kids to the New Jersey Devils game in Newark, NJ. I wanted to leave early because rush hour traffic near NYC is uglier than Rebel Wilson.

I got home from work, got changed and out we went… into the snowstorm. Eastern PA and NJ were hit with a snowstorm which lasted until 10pm. Thee totals weren’t huge, but for some reason, people who live in snow corridors never know how to drive in it. The 90-minute trek took us three hours, mostly because humanity needs to die a violent, pus-filled death.

The good news is the arena wasn’t packed, so lines for concessions and potties were short. Thee Devils played a below-average first two periods, prompting Kyle and Erik to tell Mrs. Earp, Kevin and Julia that they’re a jinx. The third period was all Devils, all the time; they scored three goals in a 5-2 win.

Saturday and Sunday’s events are below the fold…

Erik had a soccer game early Saturday morning. I sleepily drove him to the game, and expected to sleep through the contest. Unfortunately, Erik took a soccer ball to the eye in the first half, and he claimed he couldn’t see. I took him to the bathroom and rinsed his eye with his bottled water, and after a while – and more than a few tears – he went back in the game – as goaltender.

Erik played out of his mind, making saves he had no business making. He helped his team to a 4-4 tie, and kept them near the top of the standings. Being a terrible father, I told Erik’s coach, “We should punch him in the eye before every game!”

I drove Erik home, picked up Julia and took her to the mall so she could Christmas shop for her brothers. After reminding her – constantly – we were not shopping for HER, she eventually picked out things for the boys. The process took more than two, non-stop talking, hours.

Saturday night was our work Christmas party, and I literally only went to collect the $20 one of the honorees owed me for winning MLB’s Beat The Streak. After arriving, I figured I’d stay to eat and drink the equivalent of the $50 ticket. My squad is filled with ne’er do wells and nincompoops. We are a real-life Dirty Dozen. One coworker came over and asked why I wasn’t drinking, to which I replied, “I haven’t had alcohol for a few years, what with the depression meds.” The response, “You aren’t crazy anymore, here’s a rum and Coke.”

Four hours, and more than a few drinks later, I realized why I don’t drink anymore. I am already battling a cold, and the ensuing hangover headache was no bargain. The party was fun, and there were far more good moments than bad. Even though the depression has subsided, I still don’t like social situations; but Saturday night was a good time.

Sunday was very busy, and I realized we all still have Christmas shopping to address. Kevin got mad while playing a game on the new PC, and smashed my keyboard, breaking the underneath pieces which lift the keyboard. So, after ordering a new keyboard, the missus took Kyle and his friends to see the new Star Wars film. Kyle said he loved it, and was smart enough not to post spoilers.

And that, my friends, was my weekend.

7 thoughts on “Snow Devils

  1. I have to remember the rum and coke gig to try on someone for whom it would work perfectly. Glad you had a great weekend.


  2. Sounds and looks like a good time was had by all. Busy weekends are what this time of year and kids are all about. Glad you survived and enjoyed it.


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