NORAD Tracks Santa

Shhh, be very, very quiet. We’re tracking Santa!

That’s right, kids, it’s Christmas Eve and if you have little ones at home – as I do – you may be spending your day tracking Santa’s location as he delivers presents to the good little boys and girls.

NORAD Tracks Santa shows Santa’s exact location around the world, and records his magical flight.

In our house, this is the best part of Christmas Eve, and a family tradition.

You can track Santa by going here. Merry Christmas!

4 thoughts on “NORAD Tracks Santa

  1. We do the same thing on Christmas Eve for the little ones in the family. They literally scamper off to bed. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Wyatt!


  2. Ronni – And to you and yours. We were at mass when Santa passed through Slovakia, though. 😦

    MelP – I just heard that story today. It’s a great tale.

    RG – I don’t even know anymore.


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